• Mercedes

A quick reflection on clean tools...

Making sure your brushes are clean isn't the most glamorous topic, but as an industry professional I felt the need to drop a quick reminder today to everyone to make it a habit to clean those tools! The first question is "how often do I need to wash my makeup brushes?" you should wash them each time you use them, but realistically shoot for once a week (and that goes for your hair brushes too). You aren't just putting makeup on those brushes each day. Dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, and much more grossness exist in the bristles after each application, so if you continue to cake on that makeup, you'll see decreased results in blending and likely some blemishes!

The second question is "how do I wash my brushes?" Look at the picture below for the steps to cleaning your brushes. Don't forget to wash the bag, cup, or other container! Putting your clean brushes back in a dirty container is like putting on dirty underwear after taking a shower.

Here's to a clean makeup space! Until next time,


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